Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Medical Wikipedia to Be Launched

Inspired by the success of Wikipedia, a team of medical professionals has decided to create Medpedia, an online medical reference.

Medpedia seeks to be a medical version of the popular online encyclopedia... but unlike the original, the articles will not be written by any Tom, Dick, or Harriet. In fact, the articles will be written by doctors and Ph.D.s, and will focus on explaining conditions, drugs, procedures, and similar topics. (NOTE: the Medpedia site currently just offers a preview of what the site will look like. The home page says the full site will launch at the "end of 2008.")

According to the above article in Computerworld, Medpedia has the support of medical authorities inlcuding the Harvard Medical School, the Stanford School of Medicine, and the University of California Berkeley School of Public Health.

Among other things, these institutions will provide content and encourage their employees to sign on to be Medpedia editors.

Also unlike Wikipedia, whose authors and editors are usually anonymous, Medpedia will offer editor profiles that provide details such as their background and areas of expertise.

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